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Report a barrier

A commitment to access

Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring equal access and strives to maintain a barrier-free environment.

Report a physical barrier

Physical barriers on campus may include items such as an inoperative elevator or chair lift, a blocked pathway, or an inaccessible entrance. Physical access barriers may be reported by filling out the online form linked to below:

Report a digital barrier

Web pages (both static pages and those containing dynamic content like interactive maps), and electronic documents such as PDFs or Microsoft Office files can also present a barrier for some users. Barriers to digital access may be reported using the email link below:

The information you provide will be shared with the people required to resolve the reported issue.  Our goal is to facilitate solutions to verified barriers as quickly as possible. The exact time to resolve the issue will vary based on the complexity of any fixes required. Also, because the ability to report a digital barrier is a new service, the resolution time may vary based on demand, which is difficult to estimate at this point. We appreciate your patience while we strive to increase access.